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JAF 1.98.66_beta1 ready

– small bugs fixed
– error messaging more explicit
– added support for Windos 7

just extract archieve content to :

C:\Program Files\Odeon\JAF

download links:…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar…8.66_beta1.rar


MXKEY HTC Unlocker V1.2

added FIRST IN THE WORLD support for HTC Rose (processor Qualcomm MSM 7225)
also known as: HTC S740

– added FIRST IN THE WORLD support for HTC HD2 (processor Snapdragon QSD8250)
also known as HTC Leo, HTC T8585, HTC T9193, HTC Leo 100

Direct link for download FREE MXKEY HTC Unlocker V1.2:
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting – Easy Filehosting

– Microsoft ActiveSync should be installed on your computer.
– Choose ‘NO CONNECTION’ as interface.
– Library Version:, date: 09-03-2010, HTC Module ready.

Samsung 2G Tool 3.4.0032. First in the world. Added support for New generation of Broadcomm MSL16 only via USB-cable )

full support GT-S5560 (imei repair, repair SWAP, direct unlock, flashing) via usb cable – first in the world!!
full support SGH-T339
(code reading, imei repair, direct unlock,read/write flash)

SGH-T519 unlock
GT-M2310 flashing, direct unlock

GT-S5560 Procedure: Read carefull

1. Download any original firmware.
2. Flash firmware or only apps file to phone.
3. Choise same apps file in firmware window. And choise this fw like for flashing.
4. Press unlock or imei repair.
5. Make all programm steps.
6. After unlocking or imei repair you can flash any fw.
UNLOCK – permanent!!!

If something happens while unlocking – don;t worry just reflash phone


Solution for same MSL16 broadcomm new generation via usb: S7070 B5610 M3710 ready and will be added after full testing.

“MModule” v3.24 released:
.Pantech-C180 model supported
.Pantech-C320 model supported
.Alcatel customization area detection improved
.Alcatel unlock/flash operations improved
.new flash file format supported
.firmware database updated

Infinity-Box 5 (five) years non-stop free updates and support: Infinity-Box

Automatic pinout detection device: Infinity-Box
Language Editor for MT62xx based models: Infinity-Box Language Editor
Extract phonebook (and other content) from phone: Infinity-Box
Follow us on Twitter: Infinity_Box (Infinity_Box) on Twitter

Hi to all,
This is the lastest Update for Nano-Box customers :

Nano-Box Update – Version 1.01.6


* Samsung S8000X

– Added support for Samsung S800X Movistar Spain by read codes(not need to flash/patch)
– Improved communication with this platform

* Samsung U90U
* Samsung U900G
* Samsung U900V
* Samsung U908G
* Samsung V800
* Samsung V820L

– Read Codes (totally safe process)
– Read Phone Code
– Read Simcard Code
– Clear Phone Code
– Clear Simcard Code
– Flashing process in development (next updates)

MAIN DISCUSSION THREAD Nano-Box Update – Version 1.01.6 READY [09-03-2010]

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,
[ Nano-Team ]