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v1.0 FINAL

– added standalone support for reset operation, alternative security bypass for next chipsets:

supported s1 aid 0001,0002,0003.
supported a1/a2 cid 16,29,36,49,50,51,52,53,80

  s1 omap
  s1 locosto
  s1 neptune
  db 200x
  db 201x
  db 2020
  db 3150
  db 3200
  db 3210
  db 3350

 Download v1.0 FINAL


Cruiser have now great promo action for next 2 weeks!

Cruiser dongle/box users can now unlock unlimited & for free all phones with SE Ultimate Unlocker & S1 Flasher & Unlocker, enjoy it!

D-Unlock suite users have also great promo action: For consumption Level 2 and up it will take only 0.05 log per 1 phone with D-Ultimate Unlocker & with D-Flasher Unlocker for S1
It means you need buy at least 3 logs to get Level 2 and you can enjoy this great oportunity instantly!
It’s a amazing price for users without any unlocking boxes isn’t it?

Release notes:

  • Fixed old DCT4 phones unlocking issue
  • Self Test – Auto Force to execute sim and security test
  • E72 USB flashing fixed
  • Fixed bug with VPP from previsions version
  • Added old version MTB_NK v2.20 for compatibility with old loaders if have phones that fails to flash with new flash loaders
  • New phoenix.ini added

Please note:

Before install new setup you need to uninstall old one (backup your important files first), or just rename old c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box\ to c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box_old\
(this is ONLY for users who does not install and use MTB NK v2.33 beta yet)

If you find any bug or have any recommendation please post in discussion thread


MTB NK v2.34 Beta setup – Rapid Share link
MTB NK v2.34 Beta new files only – Rapid Share link for users who already install MTB NK 2.33 beta setup