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Motorola Q9H Hard Reset

Posted: March 18, 2010 in GSM Info


Turn device off
Press and hold the “E” and “Z” keys
Press Power button once
When screen comes on, let go of “E” and “Z”
Press Power button once again.


1. fix pkey dongle not detected message in status
2. fixing crash on flashing for some DCT4 phones

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting – Easy Filehosting

LG Qualcomm Tool 1.8.6 Update


full support KE990c ( direct unlock, imei repair, bt repair, nvm read/write/repair, flashing)- first in the world

SpiderMan Updates:

a.MTK6253 CPU added!
b.Spreadtrum 8800H/S/D CPU supported(Comport+NAND flash)
c.MTK TouchScreen Calibration pass improved

Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors:-
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting – Easy Filehosting

Nokia SL_X Remote Tools Updates
V – 17 March 2010

– New button added – SL3 Cancel to allow canceling of
jobs on the server. IMEI of the job needs to be inserted
in the Imei to Cancel box first


What is new:

First in the world iTablet three party box to support full flashing on working/dead phone. (ONLY WORKING IN Windows XP!! NOT working in Vista/ Windows 7!!)

  • [N900 : RX-51]
  • [N810 : RX-44]
  • [N800 : RX-34]

– New box activation engine

– New SL1, SL2, SX4 and SD Repair server

– Skip Certificate restore, Skip erasing added to Turbo Flashing Option.

Download from:
ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) – Rapidshare Official mirror
ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) – Official download area

Release notes:

New supported models and versions for DCT4+ patch unlock:

  • 1680c-2b RM-490 – v6.22
  • 2760h RM-391 – v5.45
  • 5000 RM-362 – v6.32, v6.33

Added patch files for the following DCT4+ versions:

  • V_06_22_31_07_08_RM_490__c__Nokia.flp
  • V_05_45_23_04_08_RM_391__c__Nokia.flp
  • V_06_32_07_05_09_RM_362__c__Nokia.flp
  • V_06_33_20_11_09_RM_362__c__Nokia.flp

MT Box DCT4+ patch files update v2.0.exe – Rapid Share link

Please note:
This patch update contain all new + all previously added patch files

We are pleased to announce Octopus Box v.1.2.1 with support for LG Cyon KH1200.
Implemented features

  • Added test support for LG Cyon KH1200
    • Unlock
    • Write Firmware
    • Read/Write/Repair NVM
  • Added full support for LG Cyon KH1200 in LG Qualcomm language editor
    • Read LP from phone
    • Write LP to phone
    • Ability to translate LP

Please post your feedback in official support section.

Grip it while it’s hot!
Octopus Team