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– added preliminary support for a2 cid26 phones (s5320 at the moment)
at the moment, network unlock possible by flashing special firmware from support
samsung s5320 should be connected with “9+#” pressed in order to enter boot mode.
all other functions supported without notable exceptions.

– added a2 db3150,db3200,db3210 emptyboard fill support.
you need special cable in order to successfully write OTP chip, +7.5v should be applied to DCIO (charger pin, pin 12)

Download here

activation required in order to use that update.
just unpack 1.02.rar in existing setool2 directory
( setool2.ini not included in dist anymore, so your password/username will not be overwritten)
and run activator.exe.
i strongly advice users to run only activator.exe which included in v1.02 archive or from that LINK.

activation cost 20 credits.

activation will assure that you will be able to use latest setool2 updates and use new support area.
old support area will be frozen, no new flash files will be uploaded on it. also, old support area will be terminated in that year

thanks for your support.…ull=1#post6988

LG Qualcomm Tool 1.8.9 Update.

KF390 full support (direct unlock, repair imei, nvm read/write/repair) + ( flashing) – world first
full support (direct unlock, repair imei, nvm read/write/repair) + ( flashing) – world first

Added flash files to:

Updated algo in server for support new ALCATEL phones.

OT-505X and OT-505A “First in the world

For use just launch latest alcatel client software and will browse new models.

EUBox – Supported phones

Eubox Team

Welcome to

Samsung S8000 S8003 M8910 M8910i

Hi to all,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :

PolarSuite Update – Version 2.3.8

Samsung 3G Phones :

* Samsung S8000
* Samsung S8000B
* Samsung S8000C
* Samsung S8000H
* Samsung S8000L
* Samsung S8000M
* Samsung S8000T
* Samsung S8000U
* Samsung S8003
* Samsung M8910
* Samsung M8910I

– Read ALL Codes (NCK, Unfreeze, etc …)
– Read Phone Code
– Write Flash (Boot, Amss, Apps, Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and FFS)
– Now you can repair phones damaged by other tools
– Flashfiles added to support (11 Firmwares)


LG Phones :

* LG KG300

– Direct Unlock
– Read Firmware
– Write Firmware (at 812.500 Bds)

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]
[ Http:// ]

Martech RCD Tools V2.1.10.1 – VDO Dayton MS 4200

What’s new:

– Audi Symphony 8L0035195 auz5z4 [S220->93C56]
– Blaupunkt Freestyler [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sacramento SQR29 BP9840 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Saint Malo RCM127 BP8764 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Aantonio BP0560 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ INL BP6713 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ PAK AUS BP6931 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ PAK INL BP6930 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco ACD01 BP0910 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD70 BP0820 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD72 BP1808 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD72 US BP2808 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco RDM127 BP7873 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San FranciscoO RDM169 BP8662 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Remo RD127 BP5558 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Cruz CD32 BP2178 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Monica C50 BP0230 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Monica CD30 BP0175 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Seattle RDM169 BP8650 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla CD42 BP2794 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla CD43 BP2793 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RD104 BP3794 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RD126 BP6825 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RDM126 BP6825 [SN]
– Blaupunkt ST.Louis SQR29 BP9845 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM104 BP3777 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM126 BP6810 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM128 BP8811 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCR42 BP2777 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCR42 BP2779 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stuttgart BP9881 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126 BP6800 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126 US BP7800 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126W BP6802 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM128 BP8801 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM85 BP4380 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Washington SQR49 BP9881 [SN]
– Honda 1TN2 6CD 39100 S9A A601 CQ-EH 84610LC [S530->93c76]
– Mercedes Becker Traffic Pro BE 4720 [24c04]
– Pioneer DEH M6127ZH [br9010->93c46R]
– Renault Cabasse Auditorium Tronic RENRDW 271-xx [SN]
– VDO Dayton MS 4200 [i2c]

Latest RCD:

Here you can download all supported models:

RCD Tools models list

Be ready! For next updates 🙂
Martech Team
MARTECH Team – Official WebSite