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New version – LGI flasher – unlocker v1.66SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section.

– Added support for LG GS290 and GS500,including unlock code reading,phone reset and flashing.
USB and UART connections are supported.
– Flashes for GS290 and GS500 are uploaded also.
– Remade GW520,GW525,GD900 and GD510 UART connecting-now you can connect phones not
only using TP on PCB, but also using GW300 RJ45 cable.


Samsung Tool V1.01

Release notes :

  • Replacement for S3C6410
  • ONENAND FLASH Supported
    Tested with following devices

    • S8000

Supported CPUs :

  • S3C6410

Support Area Changes :

  • S7350i_0x00000000_4Mb.rar is added
  • S7350_JTAG_Pinout.jpg is in progress
  • s8000_0x00000000_4Mb.rar is added
  • S8000PDA_0x00000000_8M.rar is added
  • SamsungToolv1.01.rar is added

We are going to support Other Samsung Cpu’s in this Tool and much more
It’s been tested with S8000 Dead Boot handset that can be repaired with this tool and dumps we provided .

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice

Download from last softwares / updates, here is list of last added :

EUBShell (v1.3).exe
Easy Unlocker ZTE online (v1.4).exe
ZTE3G Online Easy Unlocker (v1.01).exe

You can browse internet on Wi-Fi capable Blackberry devices through your wireless Internet router at home, office or at any Hotspot location and you do not need to have a data plan on your account. There are no additional charges involved when using only Wi-Fi. It is absolutely free.

Following is the step by step detailed guide on setting up Wi-Fi connection, browsing and managing Wi-Fi connections profile on your Blackberry.


  • Wi-Fi capable Blackberry device. (BlackBerry Bold 9000, Pear Flip 8220, Pearl 8120,  Curve 8900, Curve 8320 and 8820)
  • Access to Wi-Fi coverage area


  1. Connect to Wi-Fi network
  2. Change the default browser
  3. Browse Internet
  4. Wi-Fi profile settings (Optional)

A. Connect to Wi-Fi network

  1. Press Menu button and click on Set Up then click on Set Up Wi-Fi (Some options may be different depending on the model of Blackberry and version of operating system. But needs to go in Set up Wi-Fi option)
  2. Click on Manage Connections and then scroll down and click on Set Up Wi-Fi Network
  3. Click Next and then click on Scan for Networks
  4. How to browse internet on Blackberry using Wi Fi  without data plan?

  5. If your Wi-Fi radio is OFF then it will prompt to Turn Wi-Fi on, Click on Turn Wi-Fi on and it will search for available Wi-Fi networks and will show the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  6. Click on your Wi-Fi network, you want to connect to. If that Wi-Fi has WEP encryption set then it will prompt you to add Network Key. Follow the prompts and later you will see Connection Successful and if you want to save it as Profile. Follow the prompts and click on Finish. That’s it. You are now connected to Wi-Fi. On your BlackBerry Home screen you will see your Wi-Fi network name besides your Wireless Carrier’s Name.

B. Change the default browser

  1. Click on Browser icon
  2. Press Menu button
  3. Click on Options
  4. Click on General Properties
  5. The first option is Default Browser change it to HotSpot BrowserHow to browse internet on Blackberry using Wi Fi  without data plan?
  6. Press Menu key
  7. Click on Save Options

C. Browse Internet

Go back to browser and browse unlimited Internet without using your data plan. Just to make sure you are not using your data, turn off the Mobile Network from the Manage Connections and test, you will still be able to browse but you will not get any phone call/ Text. 9000-01

D. Wi-Fi profile settings (Optional)

Optionally, if you have multiple Wi-Fi profiles set on your BlackBerry then you can change the order how Wi-Fi connections are made and also change the Wi-Fi selection mode from automatic to manual.

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