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.) J.A.F Box TEA Authentification Support!
Now all JAF Boxes working with JAU!
Also the newest 01.B4 Firmware is Supported and also Demaged Boxes!

.) Working with complete new Secure Login Server (not fully finished)

.) HUAWEI Relocking

.) HUAWEI Counter Reset

J.A.F. Box Firmware Updater

Changed some Tabs for more Space for new thinks

ZTE / SFR / Vodafone NCK & SPCK CODE Calculator, Supported Models:
SFR 114, SFR 231, SFR 232, SFR 241, SFR 341, SFR 342, SFR 343. Orange Vegas,
Vodafone Indie, SFR Messenger Edidtion 251, T-Mobile Vairy Touch ZTE A261+,
ZTE X760, ZTEX761, ZTE X960, ZTEX990, ZTE GX760, ZTE GX761, ZTE GR230

.) VeryKool (VK Mobile) NCK CODE Calculator for VeryKool i200

LG KG110 NCK Calculator

.) Nokia BB5 NEW NCK Methode is working only for SL1 Phones and ONLY with UFS Interface!
This Feature is not finished!

================================================== ==============================

start your jau goto settings tab and press on Update Button and install new Version

Download only from internal Download button or www.ENTSPERREN.NET

JAU Forum: J.A.U – Just Another Unlocker



Hi to all,

Uploaded to support new version of BB-Box update v1.0.6

Fixed important bug in opening (software always request security certificate)

Please, download again and upgrade it to this version.

Soon more updates and features will be added to BB-Box (HTC and BB related)

Thanks in advance for all your attention,
With best regards,

Updated database with all providers present till today !
Now server is support all these models :

OT-103,OT-105,OT-106,OT-108,OT-150,OT-203,OT-203E,OT-204,OT-206,OT-208,OT-216,OT-222,OT-250,OT-280,OT-303,OT-305,OT-360,OT-363,OT-383,OT-505,OT-508,OT-543,OT-600,OT-660,OT-708,OT-800,OT-802,OT-808OT-880,OT-AM01,OT-B331,OT-C700,OT-C701,OT-C707,OT-C717,OT-C820,OT-C825,OT-EL03,OT-EL05,OT-F0Z9,OT-F330,OT-F331,OT-I650,OT-I802,OT-I880,OT-KR01,OT-M298,OT-MD01,OT-MD02,OT-MS01,OT-PB01,OT-Q3,OT-S215 OT-S218,OT-S319,OT-S320,OT-S321,OT-S520,OT-S521,OT-S621,OT-S626,OT-T208,OT-V570,OT-V607,OT-V670,OT-V770,WX160,WX161,WX180,WX181,WX260,WX280,WX288,WX2 90,WX390,WX395

Taking care customer server update :

We detected some providers will not allow unlock phones even if you have correct code. Dont ask us why, ask them

Our new server feature will detect such providers and will inform you with message :”Not possible calculate codes for this provider” and of course will not consume credits.

Mandatory update is use new alcatel online program ver 1.5 [Easy Unlocker Alcatel online (v1.5).exe] without that you can caluculate codes as before but will not use this new feature and you will lose credits

ZTE phones :

ZTE3G Online Easy Unlocker (v1.02).exe:

Updated server with the following F102, F950, F951 firmwares :

YOG_ES_P607C4V1.0.0B06-S/NOV 05 200918:24:21SEP 15 200920:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P607C4V1.0.0B07-S/DEC 22 200915:34:41SEP 15 200920:00:00KPRZL
H3G_GB_P607C3V1.0.0B07-SEC/JUL 15 200911:34:10JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL
H3G_GB_P607C3V2.0.0B03-S/AUG 15 200923:23:53JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P607C1V1.0.1B05-S/NOV 11 200911:57:15JUN 24 200919:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B06-S/NOV 17 200920:56:21AUG 19 200904:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B07-S/NOV 25 200912:45:36AUG 19 200904:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B15-S/FEB 23 201010:18:12JAN 17 201021:00:00KPRZL
YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B17-S/MAR 10 201015:55:49JAN 17 201021:00:00KPRZL
ORG_ES_P608A1V1.0.0B14-S/JAN 04 201017:16:55NOV 18 200900:00:00KPRZL

Added F233, F188, F256 ZTE phones (new option in program)

Important feature is auto-analyzing server. This mean will unlock all current and future versions of these phones

** Any unlock for ZTE 3g models now is for free for all premium users **

Reminder for premimun users :
Support are is updated every day with:
[ Use EUBShell to access the Premium Download Area ]

LG, Samsung , Alcatel and Nokia flashes and other support for plenty of boxes. Use latest shell program for enter in support

See you in next update.

Welcome to

Microbox Update : TMN Bluebelt & BlackBerry By IMEI

TMN BlueBelt : First in the world Unlock By IMEI
1 unlock = 1 sagem credit

Also added

BlackBerry By IMEI + MEP
1 unlock = 1 sagem credit


Hi to all NanoBox users,
This is the latest Update for Nano-Box customers :

Nano-Box Update – Version 1.01.9

SAMSUNG MODELS (Agere SHA1 protected)

* Samsung B520
* Samsung B528
* Samsung M310
* Samsung M310G
* Samsung M310L
* Samsung M310V
* Samsung M310W
* Samsung M318
* Samsung M320
* Samsung M320L
* Samsung M620
* Samsung M620N
* Samsung M628
* Samsung M628N

– Direct Unlock
– Read ALL lock codes
– Read phone code
– Change / Repair Imei
– Added 1 more MSL calc. algorithm
– All operations can be do it using USB or RJ45 (as you desire)

* Samsung C276L_2

– Added new unlock method

* Samsung C3010
* Samsung C3010C
* Samsung C3010S
* Samsung C3050
* Samsung C3050C
* Samsung C3053
* Samsung C3053C
* Samsung C3060
* Samsung C3060C
* Samsung S3500
* Samsung S3500C
* Samsung S3501C
* Samsung S3500I

– Added Change / Repair Imei

SAMSUNG MODELS (Sysol / Swift old sec.)

* Samsung E250D
* Samsung T219

– Read all lock codes
– Using RJ45 interface

SAMSUNG MODELS (Sysol / Swift new sec.)

* Samsung E251
* Samsung E258D
* Samsung F250
* Samsung F258
* Samsung G608
* Samsung J150
* Samsung J158
* Samsung J210
* Samsung J218
* Samsung J706
* Samsung J708
* Samsung L600
* Samsung L608
* Samsung T229
* Samsung L339
* Samsung E1060
* Samsung E1070
* Samsung E1070T
* Samsung E1075
* Samsung E1075L
* Samsung E1080
* Samsung E1110

– Read all lock codes
– Using RJ45 interface


– Software closes on some MSL2 Samsung models while code reading (fixed)

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,
[ Nano-Team ]

Qualcomm Tool V1.26

Release notes :

  • Qualcomm Detection issues are improved
  • Flash ID Support implemented
    Tested with following devices

    • LG KC910
    • LG KC910i
    • Samsung L810V
    • Samsung G400

Supported CPUs :

  • MSM6245
  • MSM6246
  • MSM6250
  • MSM6250A
  • MSM6260
  • MSM6275
  • MSM6280
  • MSM6281
  • MSM6290
  • MSM7200
  • MSM7200A
  • MSM7201
  • MSM7201A
  • MSM72XX
  • MSM75XX

Support Area Changes :

  • Qualcomm Tool V1.26 is added
  • G400_JTAG_TP.jpg is added
  • L810V_Jtag_TP.jpg is added
  • L810_0x00000000.rar is added
  • KC910_0x00000000_8MB.rar is added
  • KC910i_0x00000000_8MB.rar is added
  • KC910_KC910i_JTAG_PINOUTS.jpg is added

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice

SMTi Ver 18.79 Update Features

JRT ARM9 module added:

  • Samsung I780 automatic selection MCP
  • Samsung I780 JTAG TP Info added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung I780 MSM6260 BOOT repair file added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung S5600 automatic selection MCP
  • Samsung S5600 JTAG TP Info added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung S5600 MSM6280 BOOT repair file added to JRT Support Area

SAGEM TI ARM module added:


Best Regards SMTeam