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Qualcomm Tool V1.26

Release notes :

  • Qualcomm Detection issues are improved
  • Flash ID Support implemented
    Tested with following devices

    • LG KC910
    • LG KC910i
    • Samsung L810V
    • Samsung G400

Supported CPUs :

  • MSM6245
  • MSM6246
  • MSM6250
  • MSM6250A
  • MSM6260
  • MSM6275
  • MSM6280
  • MSM6281
  • MSM6290
  • MSM7200
  • MSM7200A
  • MSM7201
  • MSM7201A
  • MSM72XX
  • MSM75XX

Support Area Changes :

  • Qualcomm Tool V1.26 is added
  • G400_JTAG_TP.jpg is added
  • L810V_Jtag_TP.jpg is added
  • L810_0x00000000.rar is added
  • KC910_0x00000000_8MB.rar is added
  • KC910i_0x00000000_8MB.rar is added
  • KC910_KC910i_JTAG_PINOUTS.jpg is added

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice


SMTi Ver 18.79 Update Features

JRT ARM9 module added:

  • Samsung I780 automatic selection MCP
  • Samsung I780 JTAG TP Info added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung I780 MSM6260 BOOT repair file added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung S5600 automatic selection MCP
  • Samsung S5600 JTAG TP Info added to JRT Support Area
  • Samsung S5600 MSM6280 BOOT repair file added to JRT Support Area

SAGEM TI ARM module added:


Best Regards SMTeam

Added ZTE F107 unlock
Changed ALL ZTE phones unlock price to unlimited for dongle users.

Update is server side, no new version need to download

Lg Qualcomm Tool 1.9.2

L01B support (Direct unlock, Lock, nvm read/write/repair)
support (Direct unlock, Lock, nvm read/write/repair)
L03B support (Direct unlock, Lock, nvm read/write/repair)
KH1200 Flashing support World First!

* Changed GUI
* Added mode cable schematics

SMTi JTAG Repair Tool [JRT] Samsung U800 V2 Boot Reapir added

  • Samsung U800_JTAG_V2.PNG special description added
  • Samsung U800 repair death boot instruktion added
  • Samsung U800 V2 boot repair added

Repair Error Ready:

Found Target, Target Info
   - HW_REVISION_NUMBER: 0x80000003 
  Found Target, Target Info:
  - HW_REVISION_NUMBER: 0x80000001
  or similar error

Check JRT Support Area for new U800 TP description V2 (U800_JTAG_V2.PNG)

1. Before Power On connect to PS_HOLD external suply 2.6V
2. Check after Power On VTref (V_JTAG) must be 2.6V
3. If you see in VTref other voltage level check HW problems in PCB

Earlier this week, we informed you on how some hackers managed to port Android on the Apple iPhone. For those of you who were a little hesitant on trying it out because of all the advanced instructions; here is a simple step by step guide for you (courtesy of Android A Alot) which will enable you to dual-boot Android with iPhone OS on iPhone 2G.

The process involves 5 stages: from downloading all the required stuff, to preparation, configuring Virtual Box with Ubuntu, to getting Android on iPhone and so on. Each stage then has lots of steps which you will need to follow. The reason why the guide is long is because everything has been detailed, and broken down so that even a newbie can get it to work on a jailbroken iPhone 2G.

Note: This guide is for testing & educational purposes only. Follow it on your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of important data, malfunctioning or bricking of your iPhone.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that you’ll need before you start:

  1. IMPORTANT! Jailbroken iPhone 2G. Jailbreaking guide can be found here.
  2. iPhone Firmwares from Here or Here
  3. VirtualBox (link). Get the right version Windows/Mac
  4. VirtualBox Ubuntu Image (link). Download number 10, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 codename Karmic Koalax86
  5. iPhone Explorer (MacWindows). If you’re on Linux you can use FTP such as FileZilla instead.
  6. Android images and sources (link)
  7. Patched images (link). Courtesy of Geekoid.

Continue the Guide From HERE

The picture is from – a domain which has been registered by our hero George Hotz (aka geohot). and confirms that it has been registered by geohot on March 27.The date of registration and site update date is matching with Geohotz’s announcement of iPhone OS 4.0 jailbreak. Now the question is, is Limera1n the software which is going to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 untethered for all the iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch?, or is it going to be the tool to jailbreak the new and upcoming iPhone OS 4?. My guess is on the later one. He is probably going to finish off iPhone 3.x jailbreak with blackra1n, and will use this new name for the next iPhone OS. What do you think? thoughts?

thanks to “waqar” for the news…