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LG 2g Tool 1.1.1 beta Update

Addition function added:

– GS100 direct unlock
– GS101 direct unlock
– GS101a direct unlock
– GS101GO direct unlock
– GS102 direct unlock
– GS102GO direct unlock
– GS105 direct unlock
– GS105GO direct unlock
– GS106 direct unlock
– GS106a direct unlock

– GS155 direct unlock
– GS155a direct unlock
– GS155b direct unlock

wait for next updates

iH8sn0w has just updated his tool to Sn0wbreeze V1.6 so he give the ability to Jailbreak iPod touch 3G / 2G (MC Model) and iPhone 3GS New Bootrom, This new version only works for people who got are on 3.1.2 or got their 3.1.2 SHSH Blobs on Cydia Server.

If you are on iOS 4 and saved SHSH of 3.1.2 on Cydia Server, then you can Downgrade iOS 4 to 3.1.2 and then Jailbreak using this Sn0wbreeze V1.7, guide posted here.

It’s the same steps as Sn0wbreeze V1.6 so there’s no need to post the guide again, you can follow the guide posted here to Jailbreak iPhone 3G / 3GS and iPod Touch 3G / 2G Using Sn0wbreeze.

Download Sn0wbreeze V1.7 for Windows
Download iTunes 9.2 for Windows and Mac
Download iOS 4 original Firmwares
Download .NET Framework 2.0 (Needed to Launch Sn0wbreeze)


Dear Friends,

New Infinity CDMA-Tool support area launched with new support area login procedure.

How to access support area:
1. Connect CDMA-Tool dongle to PC
2. Download and run ‘Shell’ [Support manager]
3. Select “CDMA-Tool” project at top of “Shell”
4. Select “Support area” page in “Shell” and click to “Enter support area” button
5. Download from support software and flash files

Infinity-Box 5 (five) years non-stop free updates and support: Infinity-Box – News

CDMA-Tool (fast and easy unlock)
Automatic pinout detection device
Language & Resource Editor for MT62xx based models
Extract phonebook (and other content) from alive and dead phone
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