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What’s new in MTB NK v2.35.3 SL3:

Added “SL3 Bforce compute” tab
There is 3 buttons in SL3 Bforce tab: Read, Update and Write:

  • Read – Read phone and send data to SL3 server
  • Update – Check how many time need wait for code
  • Write – Enter unlock code directly to phone – No need to enter code manually

Supported ROOT_KEY_HASH ( RAP ) for unlock:

  • 38F312750F686F9FC9B1B3778774A195
  • 9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C
  • 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723
  • A5404AE83A594ECADEE532F0C236BFA6
  • BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
  • CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE
  • E9EFF4BFAA5393217CA6B17755FC3E14
  • F2D76DFAFD66C7F195F278417DF05888
  • F682624FFB08F6D955DBE7D9C0485084
  • FCB5C510AF7F09F313D9BDE85A707CC0

Phone model does not mater, just check ROOT_KEY_HASH and Do It

How to check ROOT KEY HASH:

  • Start MTB NK v2.35.3 SL3 and press OK button

How to install and use latest MTB NK software:

  • Download and install MTB NK v2.35.3 SL3
  • Install MTB_NKgtr2_353sl3b to MT Box installation folder: Program files/GriffinTeam/MT box
  • Download MT Box update tool v3.18
  • Start MT Box update tool v3.18 from ( c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box\) and update your box.
  • Run MTB_NKgtr2_353sl3b
  • In server tab click on Save button and add:

User name: boxlogin
Password: boxlogin

  • Go to SL3 Bforce compute tab
  • Connect phone to FBUS cable
  • Press Read button in SL3 Bforce tab

Price per phone is 80 MT Box credits

What’s new on SL3 server side:

We optimize our SL3 unlock servers, so now we can allow access to MT Box customers automatically.
All customers who have 1000 and more MT Box credits have automatically enabled SL3 server access.
No need more to fill the form and wait for SL3 server access.

How to check does your SL3 access is enabled:

  • Start MT Box update tool v3.18
  • Connect MT Box to USB
  • Press Info button
  • The last info in MT tool is your credit status – BOX Credits Available: xxxx
  • If have more then 1000 credits available you are ready to start

We have added average time info on our home page and support forum.
So now you can know how many time you will wait for code without to upload phone to SL3 server.
The time changes non stop, because for some phones server need 2 minutes but for some 1 hour.

Why GT SL3 server?

  • There is not hidden calculation time, you can check it before upload phone
  • The calculation time cant be longer then server shows you in moment you upload phone. Only can be less then this!
  • You can always cancel the calculation for any phone you have uploaded and get your credits back
  • Servers are up and running 24 hours per day,
  • There is no server downtime
  • We constantly extend and optimize our SL3 data center
  • Because maximum time to calculate code is 01:11:41 ( 1 hour : 11 minutes : 41 seconds)