ORT-JTAG – LG CYON KU600 – SU600 Repair Dead Boot

Posted: August 30, 2010 in GSMGadgets Daily Updates

LG SU600 JTAG , Dead Boot Repair
LG KU600 JTAG , Dead Boot Repair

Release Notes :

  • Repairing LG CYON SU600 / KU600 damaged boot with provided dump file .

Support LG SU 600 / KU 600
Special Thx: Ron2Pet

Tool Used :

  • ORT Tool ( Latest Version Recommended )

Support Page Changes :

  • LG CYON SU600 JTAG Pinouts
  • LG CYON SU600 Repair Dump
  • LG CYON KU600 JTAG Pinouts
  • LG CYON KU600 Repair Dump
  • HTC HD2 Repair Video ( Special Thx to Multi-Com )
  • Video on Youtube

New Support Page is ONLINE


  • More Manuals ,
  • New Pinouts and Well Organized .!
  • Support Page Activation Procedures are here or here

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice



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