ORT-JTAG Samsung GT-S8500 Unbrick / Repair Dead Boot

Posted: November 25, 2010 in GSMGadgets Daily Updates

Description :

  • Samsung GT-S8500 Unbrick / Repair Dead Boot (S5PC110)

What’s with GT-S8500 ?

  • CPU S5PC110 Hummingbird ARM Cortex™-A8

Released Stuffs :

  • Samsung GT-S8500 JTAG Pinout
  • Samsung GT-S8500 Dump
  • Samsung GT-S8500 SM
  • Samsung GT-S8500 Instructions

Previous Update : Uber Update #1
Did you See ORT Plus Announcement ? : ORT Plus V1.00

Need a Hand ?
Contact me if you have ORT-JTAG and following dead phones in Hand

  • Samsung T959
  • Samsung i897

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice


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