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Apple has released iOS 5.0 beta 2 to developers which brings wireless syncing along with numerous other improvements.

In iOS 5.0 beta 2, wireless syncing is now available for the Mac. It requires iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and OS X 10.6.8 or Lion. You will see an option to enable wireless syncing when you connect your device to iTunes with the USB cable. It is recommended you perform your initial sync with a cable after restoring your device.

Wireless syncing is triggered automatically when the device is connected to power and on the same network as the paired computer. Or, you can manually trigger a sync from iTunes or from Settings -> General -> iTunes Sync (same network as paired computer required). Be sure your device is plugged into a power source when performing Wireless syncs.

Developers can download iOS 5.0 beta 2 from the iOS Developer Center.

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Almost all of us were happy by releasing iOS 5 as we found some new features and iOS notification center widgets like QuickComposer and other too many things, but with this release Apple forget about 9 things to fix and improve it, here’s the list of the 9 things must to be fixed :

1- iPod Touch without headphones !

Well, it is a bad thing to not have a headphone for your iPod touch right ? as Apple blocked many iPod Touch and will not be able to run songs when headphones are connected, including the original Apple earphones.

2- Clock icon doesn’t show 24 hour !!!

Yes that’s right, the clock only will show 12 hours and Also because the clock does not show any reference time AM / PM.

3- Improve Contacts :

I don’t know if you relized that or not, but most of contacts doesn’t stored on your iPhone and it is very slow You also can not longer create a contact from the email in Mail.

4- Camera App :

Yeah the camera takes long time to open specially when you enable HDR and the app to take pictures must be significantly improved.

5- Streaming Videos :

that’s also one of the most important things Apple forgot to do, many sites optimized for streaming video IOS, which works with version 4, with the beta 5, however, more often than not loaded.

6- The Picture frame doesn’t work :

With this beta, the little button that lets you start your iPad a presentation screen unlocks the photos do not always work.

7- iTunes sync doesn’t work :

ITunes Sync function, allowing you to sync the device even WiFi is not yet active.

8- Dissapearing of Wallpapers:

No more default wallpapers: iOS5 in beta, in fact, if you log on to the relevant section are not shown by default the backgrounds of its IOS.

9- Battery Life :

And the battery, definitely be improved: now, with the first beta, the duration is much lower compared to IOS 4.
Apple still must work to make perfect iPhone OS 5, but the time is because the only official release is expected in three months.

Well that’s almost all the things that Apple must fix it fastly,


Pack 5







AlcatelMTKPhoneUnlockTool v1.0.1.7 RELEASED

[x] added to support all requested and shared files on the forum
[x] improved OT-606/706/710 operation
[x] released new security repair files for 255D/355D/720/606/706/Amsterdam/Vodafone 252
[x] added Vodafone 252 to supported models list
[x] other misc. internal improvements

More Is Comming So Soon .

Furious Team

Now here’s a very Handy and Official Tool for Downloading MCU, PPM, CNT and Even MASS MEMORY Flash Files on all NEW BB5 Phones !!!

Nokia Data Package Manager Lite is a service software tool which provides following functions:
—> Real Time downloading of product software files via online connection from Nokia Firmware Repository (FiRe)
—> Search function and creation of filters for the data you need to download.
—> Checking and organizing your locally installed product software content.
The purpose is to stop the delivery of separate Care Data Packages, and continue software content delivery
via online connection. Please note that you can also download software content from FiRe by using the “Data
Package Download” – function in Phoenix service software, or by using care Suite Product Support Tool in Online mode.

Download Link Here:

Nokia Releases Official Flash File Downloader !!!


* GT-C3750 Dual Imei/Unlock/Flash(First In World)
* GT-C3752 Dual Imei/Unlock/Flash(First In World)
* GT-C3560 Dual Imei/Unlock/Flash(First In World)
* GT-C3322 Dual Imei/Unlock/Flash(Via USB)(First In World)
* GT-E1170I Imei/Unlock/Flash(First In World)
* GT-I9000M Flashing (Unlock Imei Allready Support)(First In World)

For More Info And Disscuss Update Click Following Link

Sptbox deluxe 11.9.1 released!!! What’s next !!!!



– GT-I917 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-I986 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-I9001 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-I9020 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-I9023 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-I9100 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-P7100 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-T839 support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-T959V support (safe direct unlock via fast root, flashing)
– GT-B7330R support (direct unlock, imei repair)

fast root work only for android version before 2.3.3. If you will have phone with 2.3.3 and high – root byself. manual you can find in xde dev forum.

Octopus Samsung Software v1.0.1 is out! We have added support for Anycall SCH-W290 and Anycall SCH-W390!

Octopus Samsung Software v1.0.1 Release Notes:

  • SCH-W290 – added Unlock, Firmware Write, Bluetooth address repair, NVM Read/Write/Repair, Factory Reset.
  • SCH-W390 – added Unlock, Firmware Write, Bluetooth address repair, IMEI repair, NVM Read/Write/Repair, Factory and Hard Reset.
  • SCH-W270, SCH-W350 – added unlock for one new firmware version.
  • SPH-W2900, SPH-W5000 – added unlock for 3 new firmware versions.
  • SPH-W5200, SPH-W9500 – added unlock for 2 new firmware versions.
  • Improved unsupported firmware report service.
  • Added Portuguese and Spanish interface and help languages.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

A big thanks to all our customers who sent reports, logs and dumps to us.

Download Octopus Samsung Software v1.0.1

Grip it tight!
Octopus Box Team

Dear Users,

Please let us introduce new SCout flasher v1.40

With this release we present following options:

  1. Updated communication library and drivers for Android-based models (including drivers for 64-bit OS)
  2. The following Android-based Motorola models added to the list of supported*:
    • BRAVO MB520
    • CHARM (LATAM) MB502
    • CLIQ2 MB611
    • DEFY ME525
    • DROID-X ME811
    • DROID2 GLOBAL A956
    • FLIPOUT (AT&T) MB511
    • FLIPSIDE MB508
    • MILESTONE-2 A953
    • MING (Luxury) MT810
    • MOTO MT716
    • XOOM MZ606
  3. Added Read of additional info for Android-based models
  4. New high DPI aware user interface
  5. Resolved the issue with IMEI detection for Motorola F3

* Please note, that the following models: ME860, ME811, A953, ME722, XT882 can currently be flashed with original (shx/sbf) files only.

SCout – discover how easy it is!

Best Regards
GSMServer team

full new release – PRO-B7!

6.20 PRO-B7
6.35 PRO-B7
6.39 PRO-B7