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Update Procedure
* Download and install 2.02 ( New Bugs Free Firmware update already uploaded to Support Area and our Mirror Support Area )
* Insert HXC Dongle
* Follow The Image

Best Regard;
Unlock ASAP

Description :

  • ORT Plus V1.59
  • ORT Plus V1.60

What’s New in ORT Plus ?

  • Model Selection is been added [ORT Plus V1.59]
    • This will improve customizing the product based on the phone selection
    • Special HALT Types and Special instructions can be implemented for the special models
    • If the model you want to operate is not in the list , you can select Auto Brand / Auto Model
  • QSC 6055 New type of CPU Support added [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Samsung NOR Flash [0x227E0001] Sub Flash ID [0x22002231][ORT Plus V1.59]
  • RE-SCAN Feature is added for ARM926ejs without closing the software [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Add 256M Small block toshiba nand flash [0x00007198] [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Halting method is been improved for SE X10 with erased block 0 { Dead Boot } [ORT Plus V1.59]
  • Display EmbeddedICE version.(TDI is not connected correctly when version is 15) [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • ST 16M nor flash [0x082E0020] [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Motorola ME 600 / ME300 Handling in model list [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • LG GW620 Special Handling in model list [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Samsung S5830 Support / Halting improved [ORT Plus V1.60]
  • Bad Block Handling is implemented in repair files[ORT Plus V1.60]
    • TODO :
    • Old Repair Files without Bad Block Handling will be improved with bad block handling feature

Full Flashes Uploaded :

Discussion :

ORT Team News and Blog :

ORT is a Real JTAGger’s choice

Hi to all Polar community,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers.

We apologice for the last errors found in Alcatel booting process, but this version must solve most of them.
Too, we added full calculator online, for allow users not need connect phone, and added READ CODES in most
of bootable phones, so flashings for alcatels has been reduced to few models only.

For last, more things about other brands (including 2 world first), please read full info

Any doubt, report or info, please not doubt in contact us inside official forums (as always)
So, lets go with the update description …

PolarSuite Update – Version v2.6.5
PandaSuite Update – Version v1.3.8

HTC Phones (Android and Windows Platform )

[+] Added unlock (as beta) for this 3 models : HTC Glacier, HTC myTouch 4G and myTouch HD

[+] Added this new models (only for flashing) : HTC Deside S, Wildfire S, HTC EVO 4G and HTC ChaChaCha

[+] Added Common Flashing process for ALL ANDROID based phones (as beta)

[+] Added SDCard autodetection function (availability and size)

[+] Added Check Battery function for secure flashing procedure (availability, status and charge level)
[+] Solved problem with some DESIRE simlock size (versions not supported)
[+] Fixed some “warnings” (now not appears) and some error process

[+] Fixed problem that not reboot phone after some operations

[+] Fixed bug in T-Mobile Wing (Herald) that solves “UNKNOW MODEL” issue

[+] Now the price for this license has been decreased (Blackberry and HTC = 69 euro)
[+] Added more than 10 Gigas of official ROMs android in support (full details at bottom)

ZTE / SFR Phones (Calculations)

ZTE Blade
Orange San Francisco
Dell XCD35

[+] Added new algorithm (for NCKs “B04” new security) Exclusive World First !!!
[+] Now we give both NCKs (old security “B03” and new security “B04”)

ZTE Z525
SFR 151

[+] Added algorithm calculation (for unlock) Exclusive World First !!!
[+] Exclusive solution

ZTE Phones (Qualcomm new secured)

ZTE F100
ZTE F101
ZTE F102
ZTE F102i
ZTE F930

[+] Direct Unlock
[+] Read UserCode
[+] Procedure added to LICENSE1 (LG and Samsung)

LG Phones (Infineon based)

LG A100
LG A180
LG A180a
LG A180b

[+] Read Codes (unlock)
[+] Reset Settings (usercode)

Samsung Phones (Android and Windows based)

Samsung i8000
Samsung i8000L
Samsung i8003

[+] Direct Unlock
[+] Reset UserCode

Samsung S5570 (android)

[+] Direct Unlock
[+] Reset UserCode

Alcatel Phones (Online Calculator)

This are the “initial” models, soon we will complete with all (in the next updates)
Please, report any wrong code to our supporters.

Alcatel Models (some are new)

104 105 106 108 109 115 121 122
204 205 206 208 209 222 223 255
304 305 306 344 345 355 361 362
505 505k 506 508 540 543 565 565k
706 708 710 710D 710k 799
800 802 802Y 803 806 806D 807 807D 808 808G 809 880
I802 I898

Vodafone Models

Vodafone 331 345
Vodafone 541 543

SFR Models (all new)

SFR115 SFR121 SFR122

[+] Read Codes functions added for this models (no more FLASHING for unlock)
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels lock readed)

Alcatel / SFR Phones (MTK based)

Alcatel OT-090
Alcatel OT-361
Alcatel OT-362
Alcatel OT-F115
Alcatel OT-F121
Alcatel OT-F122
Alcatel OT-F344
SFR 115
SFR 121
SFR 122
SFR 344

[+] Unlock (via read codes)
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 levels added)
[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup)
[+] Change language (via Flashing)
[+] Repair function (via Flashing)
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing or Format FFS)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds
[+] Prepairing now Flashfiles for add to support

Alcatel OT-665

[+] Working in unlock and read codes (not available now)

[+] Write function (Firmware, Language and Eeprom backup)
[+] Change language (via Flashing)
[+] Repair function (via Flashing)
[+] Reset Usercode (via Flashing or Format FFS)
[+] Working with baudrate up to 921.600bds
[+] Prepairing UNLOCKED Flashfiles for add to support

Blackberry Phones (RIM Platform)

[+] Added button with MEP Calculation algorithm (for extract MEP without cable, via screen)
[+] Fixed some NCK lenghts in MEP files (solved)

Flashfiles and Firmwares uploaded to support area (more than 10 Gigas)


PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Fastweb_IT_2.25.1600.2_R_Radio _32.48.00.32U_5.11.05.14_release_157622_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_ARA_2.32.415.3_Radio_32.49 .00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_157343_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_Egypt_2.32.466.1_Radio_32. 49.00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_159672_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.29.405.5_Radio_32.49 .00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_159811_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_O2_DE_2.14.207.3_R_Radio_32.49 .00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_157718_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_O2_UK_2.14.207.3_R_Radio_32.49 .00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_157796_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Orange_CH-FR_2.22.71.4_Radio_32.48.00.32U_5.10.05.30_release _157902_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Orange_ES_2.22.75.3_R_Radio_32 .48.00.32U_5.11.05.14_release_157516_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Orange_FR-B2B_2.22.73.6_Radio_32.49.00.32U_5.11.05.27_releas e_164703_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Orange_PL_2.22.69.3_R_Radio_32 .48.00.32U_5.11.05.14_release_158011_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_TMO_UK_2.12.110.4_R_Radio_32.4 9.00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_157560_signed
PB99IMG_Bravo_Froyo_Vodafone_FR_2.33.163.1_R_Radio _32.49.00.32U_5.11.05.27_release_157575_signed


PD98IMG_Ace_Gingerbread_S_HTC_WWE_2.36.405.8_R_Rad io_12.54.60.25_26.09.04.11_M2_release_187331_signe d
PD98IMG_Ace_Gingerbread_S_HTC_WWE_2.50.405.2_Radio _12.54.60.25_26.09.04.11_M2_release_199042_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_HTC_WWE_1.28.405.1_Radio_12.28.60.140e _26.03.00.04_M2_release_152502_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_HTC_WWE_1.32.405.6_Radio_12.28b.60.140 e_26.03.02.26_M_release_155891_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_HTC_WWE_1.72.405.3_R_Radio_12.28e.60.1 40f_26.04.02.17_M2_release_161342_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_Orange_UK_1.40.61.2_Radio_12.28b.60.14 0e_26.03.02.26_M_release_157531_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_Orange_UK_1.84.61.2_Radio_12.28g.60.14 0f_26.05.05.27_M3_release_170856_signed
PD98IMG_Ace_TMO_UK_1.75.110.2_R_Radio_12.28e.60.14 0f_26.04.02.17_M2_SF
PD98IMG_Ace_Vodafone_UK_1.32.405.3_Radio_12.28b.60 .140 e_26.03.02.15_M3_release_155032_signed


PG88IMG_Saga_HTC_ARA_1.36.415.6_Radio_20.28d.30.08 05U_3805.04.02.01_M_release_187871_signed
PG88IMG_Saga_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.1_Radio_20.28b.30 .0805U_38.03.02.11_M_release_177977_signed
PG88IMG_Saga_Orange_ES_1.31.75.1_Radio_20.28b.30.0 805U_38.03.02.11_M_release_180033_signed
PG88IMG_Saga_Orange_UK_1.31.61.1_Radio_20.28b.30.0 805U_38.03.02.11_M_release_178918_signed
PG88IMG_Saga_Telefonica_1.33.621.10_Radio_20.28d.3 0.0805U_3805.04.02.01_M_release_188777_signed
PG88IMG_Saga_Vodafone_UK_1.32.161.1_Radio_20.28b.3 0.0805U_38.03.02.15_M_release_179398_signed


PC10IMG_Vision_BellMobility_WWE_1.34.666.1_Radio_1 2.28b.60.140e_26.03.02.18_M2_release_154437_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_ARA_1.83.415.2_Radio_12.28e.60. 140f_26.04.02.17_M2_SF_release_168396_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_Asia_HK_CHT_1.34.708.3_Radio_12 .28b .60.140e_26.03.02.18_M2_release_154602_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_Asia_India_1.34.720.3_Radio_12. 28b. 60.140e_26.03.02.18_M2_release_154620_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_Asia_TW_1.34.709.3_Radio_12.28b .60. 140e_26.03.02.18_M2_release_154597_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_Asia_WWE_1.34.707.3_Radio_12.28 b.60.140e_26.03.02.18_M3
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_Egypt_1.72.466.4_Radio_12.28e.6 0.140f_26.04.02.17_M2_release_160882_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.4_Radio_12.28b.60. 140e_26.03.02.24_M_release_155297_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_WWE_1.72.405.2_Radio_12.28e.60. 140f_26.04.02.17_M2_release_160660_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_WWE_1.82.405.1_R_Radio_12.28e.6 0.140f_26.04.02.17_M2_SF_release_168383_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_HTC_WWE-AFK_1.84.421.1_R_Radio_12.28e.60.140f_26.04.02.17_ M2_SF_release_168865_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_Orange_FR-B2B_1.85.73.2_Radio_12.28e.60.140f_26.04.02.17_M2_ SF_release_170528_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_Vodafone_CH-DE_1.82.166.1_Radio_12.28e.60.140f_26.04.02.17_M2_ SF_release_166718_signed
PC10IMG_Vision_Vodafone_UK_1.82.161.1_Radio_12.28e .60.140f_26.04.02.17_M2_SF_release_166714_signed


HEROIMG_Hero_hTC_Asia_HK_WWE_3.34.721.1_R_Radio_63 .18.55.06P_6.35.15_release_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_HTC_BE_3.35.1100.3_Radio_63.18.55.06P _6.35.15.14_release_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_HTC_RUS_3.32.411.1_R_Radio_63.18.55.0 6P_6.35.15.14_release_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_HTC_RUS_3.36.411.1_Radio_63.18.55.06P _6.35.15.14_release_170509_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_HTC_TUR_3.35.468.2_Radio_63.18.55.06P _6.35.15.14_release_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_HTC_WWE_3.36.405.1_Radio_63.18.55.06P _6.35.15.11_release_169878_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_Orange_FR-B2B_3.40.73.3_Radio_63.18.55.06P_6.35.15.14_releas e_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_Orange_UK_3.35.61.3_Radio_63.18.55.06 P_6.35.15.14_release_signed
HEROIMG_Hero_Orange_UK_3.41.61.4_Radio_63.18.55.06 P_6.35.15.14_release_signed


SAPPIMG_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_2.20.401.2_HTC_ITA_rel ease_signed
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_Vodafone_FRA_1.91.163.1_R_DRC92_s igned
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_Vodafone_Mobilkom_1.91.177.1_R_DR C92_signed
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_Vodafone_UK_1.91.161.1_R_DRC92_si gned
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_HTC_Asia_WWE_2.53.707.2_SEA_test_ signed_NoDriver
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.3_release_sig ned_NoDriver
SAPPIMG_Sapphire_Vodafone_Generic_2.20.151.4_GR_te st_signed_NoDriver


PG76IMG_Marvel_HTC_ARA_1.47.415.1_R3_Radio_47.10b. 35.3030H_7.47.36.10M_release_196164_signed
PG76IMG_Marvel_HTC_Europe_1.33.401.2_R3_Radio_47.1 0.35.3029H_7.46.35.08_release_196132_signed
PG76IMG_Marvel_HTC_Europe_1.33.401.2_Radio_47.10.3 5.3029H_7.46.35.08_release_185724_signed
PG76IMG_Marvel_Vodafone_UK_1.33.161.2_R3_Radio_47. 10.35.3029H_7.46.35.08_release_196268_signed
PG76IMG_Marvel_Yoigo_ES_1.50.1510.6_Radio_47.10c.3 5.3030_7.47.36.19M_release_196562_signed


RUU_Dream_Orange_FR_1.58.73.2_test_signed_WithDriv er.nbh
RUU_Dream_Rogers_WWE_1.89.631.1_R_release_signed_N oDriver.nbh
RUU_Dream_Telefonica_ESN_1.86.621.4_release_signed _WithDriver.nbh



Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
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New RIFF JTAG Updates :

– RIFF JTAG Manager v1.34
– RIFF Box firmware v1.26
– RIFF GDB Server v1.04

With new release we added support for new ARM core(s) – Cortex-A9 in single core and multicore configuration.

Project now supports Unicode, so there is Russian and Chinese language available !

JTAG Manager now supports 64bit addressing, thus allowing You to dump large memory chips (eMMC and iNAND) !

New resurrectors DLL-s

– Samsung Galaxy S II (Samsung i9100) Unbrick, Boot repair
– SonyEricsson x10 Unbrick, Boot repair
– Samsung CDMA B119

Please click “Check For Updates” button in order to download and apply new files. Closing all running application before starting update process is recommended.

RIFF Box – JTAG Revolution

Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 501 MiB
Duration : 1h 54mn
Overall bit rate : 613 Kbps



Apple has just released iOS 4.3.5 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iOS 4.3.5 Software Update
Fixes a security update with certificate validation.

Products compatible with this software update:
• iPhone 4 (GSM model)
• iPhone 3G
• iPhone 2
• iPhone
• iPod touch (4th generation)
• iPod nano (3rd generation)

You can find the download links here:
iPod touch

*Note: Verizon iPhone owners are being updated with iOS 4.2.10.


PolarTeam Online Shop v1.1
The_Gorr sonork : 100.100487
Wendigo Sonork : 100.90962

Thanks in advance for your attention.
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Dear users, we are proud to present Pegasus 1.0.9 with more World’s first and exclusive updates.

Pegasus Box v1.0.9 Release Notes:

  • E2121L – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First ) Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E2121 – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First ) Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E2130Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First ) Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E2152L – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First ) Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E2120I – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First ) Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E2550L – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI (All these procedures are performed in just a few seconds in TAT MODE. World’s First )
  • E1172Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild primary and secondary IMEI/Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E1086Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI/Read Flash/Write Flash
  • E1086L – Read Unlock Codes/Direct Unlock/Read User Code/Rebuild IMEI/Read Flash/Write Flash

To perform the above listed operations with E1172, E1086 and E1086L handsets you must write patched flash into the phone first. Patched flashes are available at Boot-Loader 2.0 web site. If you only need to unlock phone use “Read Unlock Codes” button in flash tab of software (patched flash is not required in this case).

Download Pegasus Box v1.0.9
Pegasus Box. March. Gallop. Fly!
Pegasus Box Team

BEST v1.24.2

– Infineon XG213 flashing improved
– Infineon XG110 log reading was broken, fixed
– Added Variant cert recover (N73 security repair) on Restore CCC/HWC
– RdKey option was broken on some models, fixed


– Automatic selection of the highest firmware version available
– File filters on manual flash file selecting added
– STOP function on flashing should work proper on FBUS ( JAF/UFS )
– Selftest reference updated
– Ini updated, adden new models
– some minor changes

Make Sure u have installed 1.24 and 1.24.1 already installed

Download 1.24.2 and extract in C:\InfinityBox\BEST

Download Link…EST_1.24.2.rar

Infinity Team

t479b support (flashing, direct safe code reading )
i987 support ( direct safe code reading )
i997 support ( direct safe code reading )

T839 new version added
T959V new version added
T959D new vestion added