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Polar Fis+ : Update v0.1.6
Posted by PolarTeam on Aug 17 2011

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Hi to all Auto-Polar community
This is our last update for FIS+ customers

New Update FIS+ v0.1.6

[+] Added new pressure value in BAR (requested by customers)

[+] Fixed problem with”ignition” (sometimes menu not appears in screen of Polar Fis+)

Any enquire, sugerence or question, please not doubt in contact with our staff,

Thanks in advance for all your attention,
with best regards,

[ AutoPolar Team ]


* Now supports iOS 5 beta 5 (9A5228d).
* Added Hacktivation ability.
* Added option to remove UDID developer check/Beta Timer.
* Finally decided to fix Baseband preservation standalone mode.
* Tethered devices are booted via iBooty.

Supported Devices & Tethered?

* iPhone 3GS [Old bootrom]——–NO
* iPhone 3GS [New bootrom]——-YES
* iPhone 4 [GSM]—————–YES
* iPhone 4 [CDMA]—————-YES
* iPad 1G————————YES
* iPod Touch 3G——————YES
* iPod Touch 4——————-YES