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Hello !

We are pleased to introduce another GREAT MAXIMUM updates from FuriousTeam. 100% pure good stuff available ONLY on FuriousGold !

Big thx to the team for the hard work provided for this updates.

BE AWARE! Everyone please download the latest Maintenance (2011 edition) V1.0.0.845. New features added and ONLY this new maintenance version is compatible with the NEW site! Direct download link is HERE. you can also find it on site homepage and on the support area of course.


Whats new :

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RIFF Box – JTAG Revolution

Description :

  • Samsung GT-I5508 Repair Boot

Released Stuffs :

  • Samsung GT-I5508 JTAG Pinout
  • Samsung GT-I5508 Repair File with bad block handling
  • Samsung GT-I5508 Repair Guide

Discussion :

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