ClockworkMod Recovery for ZTE V9 Tablet

Posted: September 10, 2011 in HTC / Palm / PDAs / Windows Based Phones / Android Based Phones

To install:

  • Recovery Manager
        Download the img file to your SD card, and then you can use the

    Recovery Manager application

      to install your recovery.
  • fastboot method
    • Unplug the USB cable, turn off your device and take out the battery
    • Replace the battery and turn the device on holding the ‘volume up’ key. The device will stay at the ‘green android’ screen.
    • Plug the device into the PC.
    • From a command prompt run ‘fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img
    • When this finishes, from the command prompt run ‘fastboot reboot’
  • method
      If you have a previous version or another recovery install, install the and restart your device.

How to Enter recovery mode:

  • restart your device holding down the ‘volume down’ key
  • Use the Recovery Manager application to Reboot into Recovery
  • if you have ADB configured type ‘adb reboot recovery’ from the command line.

Downloads:The Latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery can found herePrevious versions:

  • Older versions of Clockwork recovery can be found here.

Official release

  • The offical version of ClockworkMod Recovery if available for this device can be found here

Which version:

  • ClockworkMod Recovery now comes in 2 different versions for 1st and 2nd Generation devices, if your device originaly shipped with Android 2.1, it will usually be 1st generation, if it came with 2.2 it will usually be 2nd generation. Please note if you have used an officaly updater on a 1st generation device it will now be a 2nd generation device.


  • Support for the old style update files that use the Amend scripting (update-script) method is no longer supported With ClockworkMod Recovery from v3 onwards, if you require support for the Amend scripting method, use v2.5.1.8.


  • The Device Config to build ClockworkMod Recovery as part of CyanogenMod can be found on my GitHub.

Kernel Information

  • Information about the Kernel used in this ROM can be found on this thread.

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