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LG L-04C Docomo Optimus Unlocked!

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Reference


Connecting with L04C


Receiving phone info

Getting phone info

Model: L04C

Platform: LG Qualcomm

Software Platform: Android

SDRAM Size: 512 MB

NAND Flash Size: 1 GB

CPU: MSM7227

Firmware Released: Feb 15 2011 12:42:09

Firmware Compiled: Oct 13 2010 21:00:00

Firmware Version: L04C-M76XX-V10d-FEB-15-2011-XX

IMEI: 354079-04-056235-3

Bluetooth Address: B0:89:91:65:0E:34

Connect mode: Normal

Info received

Unlocking phone

Unlock: Start

Dumping NVM…

Getting phone info…

Getting phone info: OK

Switching to NVM mode…

Switching to NVM mode: OK

Dumping NVM: OK

Patching NVM…

Patching NVM: OK

Flashing NVM…

Flashing NVM: OK

Switching to normal mode…

Switching to normal mode: OK

Unlock: Finish

Phone successfully unlocked