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Description :

  • Samsung SHV-E160S Repair Dead Boot

Release Notes:

  • Samsung SHV-E160S Repair File
  • Samsung SHV-E160S JTAG Pinouts

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ORT Team News and Blog :

ORT-JTAG – The Real JTAG’gers

Dear Users,

We are glad to announce new version of SCout flasher – 2.01

With this update following options and improvements were released:

  1. Updated Communication library for Android-based phone models
  2. Improved “Safe Flash”option. Scout warns you if you try to:
    • flash firmware version that is lower than original
    • flash firmware from another phone
    • flash Android-based phone when it’s in a flash mode and original firmware version wasn’t detected (added in Scout 2.01)
  3. Fixed minor issues found in previous software versions:
    • fixed flashing EX-series issue on some systems
    • fixed flashing original Motorola firmware and flex files

SCout – discover how easy it is!

Best Regards
GSMServer team

Samsung 3G tool 12.3 released. Time for change

– Added support for B5510B
– Added flash and unlock support for I9250
– Added flash and unlock support for SC-04D
– Added new algo for flash android based phones
– Fixed unlock L810 and L811
– Total changed work with adb phones(removed adb console)
– Fixed unlock S5360
– Fixed Unlock S5690
– Many code optimized

Added Galaxy Nexus I9250 Direct UnlockNO ROOT required!
Added Galaxy Xcover S5690 Direct Unlock

Infinity Online Services Update:

Gbkey dongle activation added for Infinity Box, Infinity BEST Dongle and Infinity CDMA Dongle

GBKey official website : GB-Key | First in the World

Infinity Online Services
Grow with us

[15 DEC 2011]

Release Notes :

  • Platform Updates
    • OMAP4430 Cortex A9 CPU is Supported
      • eMMC Support is added for OMAP4430 CPU’s
      • Any OMAP4430 phone with eMMC inside is supported for JTAG’ing
    • NVIDIA AP20H [ Tegra 2 250 ]
      • Memory Read supported for developers
        • Select Model – > AP20H before connecting
    • QSC6075 Flash Initialization routines are improved for especially no boot devices
    • QSC6270 Flash Inirialization routines are improved for especially no boot devices
    • Broadcomm initializing routines are improved
  • Revolution for JTAG’ers
    • S5PC110 CPU for eMMC Supported
      • During repair progress S5PC110 phones usually supported for NAND Flashes and eMMC usually used for as internal disk
      • ORT Plus can now acces eMMC / internal disk or most common usage hard disk of mobile phones
      • Benefits of having such features
        • It’s also part of repair dead mobile phone .
        • You can repair damaged partitions where you can not format internally the disk
        • You can repair the content by writing a good content
        • Identifying whether harddisk is damaged it is as a part of repair mobile phone progress
        • There is CSC data in most of the new samsung models is stored into eMMC instead of NAND Flash
        • For Android OS Google accounts are stored in eMMC
        • Freeze on the Screen , Google applications errors , and many more ..
      • Forensics also will need to have such feature in order to analyze eMMC content
  • New Flash IDs are supported
    • 64M Toshiba Nand Flash.TY80009000ALKF [ 0xD580B098 ]
    • 8M SE NOR Flash [ 0x08C00020 ]
  • GUI Improvements
    • Log Window with basic details of informations
      • Connected TAP ID
      • CPU ID
      • Flash ID
      • Sub Flash ID
      • Block Size
      • Page Size
      • Density of Flash
      • CFG for NOR Flashes
      • VREF Level / IO Level
      • VREF Reading
      • Selected Model
      • RTCK Level
    • Stop and Resume Functions for active Reading / Writing operations
      • During JTAG’ing flashing [ Reading or Writing ] the phone if process interrupted for some reason you can now continue from the point it is disconnected
        Usage : You can restart software and click Resume after SCAN !

Released Stuffs :

  • ORT Plus V1.70

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ORT Team News and Blog :

ORT-JTAG – The Real JTAG’gers


* First IN World SGH-T989 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World SGH-T989D Unlock/Imei
* First IN World SGH-I727 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World SHW-M290K Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-S5610 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World SHV-E110S Flash

* First IN World SHV-E120S Flash
* First IN World GT-S3970 Flash

* First IN World GT-E1228 Flash(BETA)
* First IN World GT-C3528 Flash(BETA)
* First In World SCH-M720 Imei/Unlock
* 10 GB new File Uploaded Support
* Special Files Uploaded(E110S,T989,I727 Chinisee,I9000 2.3.6 Android)
* More Android Models New Patch File Added(Solved Timeout Problem)
* Force Download Mode Button Add For Android Phones

T989-T989D-I727 Unlock,Imei Procedure:

* Put Phone Download Mode
* Connect Phone to Usb
* After Progress Done Power On Phone
* Connect Cable
* Mark Imei and Unlock
* Press Factory Mode

Force Download Button How is Work?

* Connect Phone Usb Then select modem port and press this button and phone will auto go Download mode


* Before Install This Update To Your Pc Should Uninstall Previous Version SPT or u will get trouble when use new update

Alternative Download Link 1#:

For discuss Update please following link

Sptbox 12.7.8 released!!! Exclusive!!!!


Samsung 3G/2G Tool 11.6 released. Exclusive update

– Added full support for S5360 (Flash, Unlock/Read codes, IMEI repair) first in the world
– Added full support for S5363 (Flash, Unlock/Read codes, IMEI repair) first in the world
– Added full support for I9103 (Flash, Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Added full support for I777 (Flash, Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Added flash support for S8600
– Added support for T679 (Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Added support for S5570L (Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Added support for new version S5570 (Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Uploaded many files to support area

Dear users,

We are glad to inform you that new version of SmartMoto v4.27 is released.
It provides you with such new features:

  1. Direct unlock; Read Unlock Codes; Read User Code; Backup/Restore flash, flex and calibrations; Format FFS operations, for the following models:
    • Motorola*: EX118 / EX119 / EX223 / WX292First in the world!
    • Avio: A1000
    • Chat phone: SN50
    • ZTE: 120F

    * Pay attention! These phone models have problems with network detection after flash/format FFS operations. Due to this reason it is required to backup calibration settings before flash / format ffs operations and to restore them afterwards!

  2. MTK platform phone models based on MCU MT6236 are now supported
  3. Flash chip Toshiba TC58FYM7T8C [98009E:2] is now supported
  4. Important changes made into MTK section of SmartMoto software.
    Those improvements were required to add support of the new phone models.

All feedbacks and backups received from our users were deeply analyzed. Please use latest SmartMoto version for testing and backup reading from not tested in this thread MTK models.

Smart-Clip ON!

Best Regards
GSMServer team