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LG L-04C Docomo Optimus Unlocked!

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Connecting with L04C


Receiving phone info

Getting phone info

Model: L04C

Platform: LG Qualcomm

Software Platform: Android

SDRAM Size: 512 MB

NAND Flash Size: 1 GB

CPU: MSM7227

Firmware Released: Feb 15 2011 12:42:09

Firmware Compiled: Oct 13 2010 21:00:00

Firmware Version: L04C-M76XX-V10d-FEB-15-2011-XX

IMEI: 354079-04-056235-3

Bluetooth Address: B0:89:91:65:0E:34

Connect mode: Normal

Info received

Unlocking phone

Unlock: Start

Dumping NVM…

Getting phone info…

Getting phone info: OK

Switching to NVM mode…

Switching to NVM mode: OK

Dumping NVM: OK

Patching NVM…

Patching NVM: OK

Flashing NVM…

Flashing NVM: OK

Switching to normal mode…

Switching to normal mode: OK

Unlock: Finish

Phone successfully unlocked

For a long time, Facebook was always thought of as a web-based company that didn’t put a lot of importance on users who prefer to access their services through mobile devices. The official Facebook app was built around cross-platform technologies making it notoriously slow, unpredictable and unstable, and their mobile website didn’t really make things much better. That focus started to shift with the acquisition of Instagram, followed by the updating of their mobile apps into native languages as well as the release of standalone apps such as Messenger, Pages, Poke and Camera. For the first time, we can now actually get an insight into Facebook’s mobile users and devices and firmware that they actually use, thanks to some meticulous data collection from Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis.

Evans himself admits that a portion of his research and data is incorrect due to incorrect calculations relating to the Facebook mobile website, and although Facebook has officially declined to make any comment about the rest of the numbers, it seems that they are accurate. Back in 2011 when Facebook actually published usage stats, the Facebook for Android app had amassed 66 million users who were active on a monthly basis. The official Facebook for iPhone app had 91 million monthly active users during the same period.


Fast forward 12 months and it seems things have changed quite significantly. In November of last year, the Android Facebook app saw 192.8 million monthly active users logging in and browsing Facebook data, where as the iPhone variant was lagging behind with 147.2 million users who were active from a month-to-month basis. The soar in Android users logging into the app each month saw Facebook’s total mobile users rise to a staggering 604 million users by the end of the third quarter of last year. That figure represents more than 50% of their total user base.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 9.45.38 PM

Although Android users outnumber those accessing Facebook mobile through an iPhone, the figures also show that the number of users accessing the network through an iPad rose from a couple of million to 48 million in 12 months from September 2011. The statistics also suggest that Facebook’s philosophies of putting varying features of their service into different apps is paying off, with apps like Messenger having 113.4 million active users by the end of November 2012.

It’s unsure what the future of Facebook will be on mobile, but considering the apps released to date have proved to be relatively successful for the company, it’s likely that we could see additional features added to the existing portfolio or perhaps a number of new dedicated apps released by the company during 2013.

OS X Mountain Lion may have only been publicly available for the last five months or so, but according to statistics and analytics; it has quickly managed to claw itself to the top to become the most popular Mac operating system which Apple has ever released. Mountain Lion was released in July of 2012 with the philosophies of being a fully functional desktop operating system that took more than a little inspiration from iOS running on an iPad. The intention seemed to be to usher in the beginning of a new era that would see OS X and iOS become increasingly more converged over time.

The information and analytical research shows that a rather impressive 32% of all Mac computers that went online during the final month of 2012 were running Apple’s latest OS X 10.8 release. In a similar study during the previous month of November, the statistics showed that Mountain Lion accounted for 29% of all Mac machines, a rise of 3% during the final month of 2012.


The study also shows that almost a third of Mac users are opting to stay away from Apple’s latest two operating system releases in favor of allowing OS X Snow Leopard to handle their desktop and notebook needs. On December 31st, OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) accounted for 29% of Mac machines in use, making the three-year old software the second most popular variant of OS X. So what about OS X Lion? The study is suggesting that the majority of Mountain Lion’s gain comes courtesy of OS X 10.7, with Lion dropping from a 30% install base down to 28% during the same period.


Although users seem to be steadily adopting Mountain Lion as their preferred operating system on the Mac, it seems that a lot of long-time Mac owners are opting to stick with Snow Leopard due to it being the last official release of OS X that allows those users to run apps that were intended for the PowerPC processor. The early adoption rates that we initially saw when Mountain Lion was released have obviously bottomed out, but it’s apparent that Apple’s policy of making operating system updates available via the Mac App Store at highly affordable prices is paying off.

(via ComputerWorld)

Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia is reportedly prepping a bunch of new Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices this year, according to a report TheVerge, whom Nokia is also said to have revealed plans to opt for a delectable aluminum body for at least one of the higher-end models. Currently codenamed Catwalk, it will also take on a thinner and lighter form factor than the current flagship – the Lumia 920.

The Catwalk is thought to be one of two new devices headed for release at some point this year, and will allow Nokia to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone in the size and weight departments.


Windows Phone 8 has been paid plenty of compliments by those who’ve encountered it thus far, but current and oft long-time Android and iOS users may be a little tentative in taking a leap of faith to what is still a fledgling operating system – whether one takes Windows Phone 7.x into account or not.

If you are indeed an iOS / Android user and looking for something different, yet curious as to whether WP8 can truly fit the bill, we’ll be your guinea pigs for that particular experiment! Nokia has been kind enough to provide Redmond Pie with a Windows Phone 8 device, and as a smartphone user reliant on both iOS and Android day-to-day, I will be ditching the iPhone, forgetting about the Android, and try to get by without the luxuries of the Google Play and App Stores. Stay tuned for more information.


In the meantime, the prospect of a sleeker, thinner, and higher quality-of-build device succeeding the Lumia 920 would certainly help to throw a little more weight behind both Nokia and Windows Phone 8 alike. There’s little doubt the Lumia 920 is the most gorgeous WP8 handset currently available, but even though the polycarbonate exterior is, well.. a bit more shiny plastic than we’d perhaps have liked, an aluminum body would certainly raise the stakes.

Incidentally, Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 offering – the ATIV S – also offers an (albeit faux) eye-catching, brushed-metal look, and it’s one that seems to be popular. Nokia has deep roots in bringing high-quality, metal-encased devices to market, and one can only hope the rumored offering lives up to its billing.

Planetbeing reveals on Reddit that he already has an untethered jailbreak of iOS 6.0.2 on his device and explains why it hasn’t been released yet.

Yeah, I’m not really sure what all the doom and gloom is about. The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now. The reasons it’s not released are because 1. releasing it would burn an exploit we want to save for ourselves so we can always get in to look at new firmware and help JB in the future, 2. iOS 6.1 is coming very soon and will likely break a small part of it anyway, there’s no point in sacrificing the many bugs it won’t break.

Anyway, where there are 4+ bugs (that it took to get this to work), there’s gotta be one or two more so while jailbreaking is getting harder, reports of its death are highly exaggerated.

Planetbeing’s comments come after Pod2g encouraged Twitter users to demand an open iOS from Apple leading to speculation that the Dev-Team had given up.

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VERSION: 6.0.1
IMEI: 01294Laogsm0045
SERIAL: C3xxxxxx
COUNTRY: Australia
MAC: D0:23:DB:A1:3D:02
Last Unbrick Date: 26/12/12
First Unbrick Date: 18/10/11
ACTIVATED: YES (2011-10-19 00:17:26)
Applied Activation Policy ID: 30
Activation Policy Details: Australia Optus (Singtel).
Next Tether Policy Details: Australia Optus (Singtel).
Contract Phone No: xxxxxxxx
CARRIER: Optus (Singtel) – Australia AUS(Australia Optus (Singtel).)


Optus Australia iPhone

do you have problem to install apps from app-store when you have IOS 4.1???

you have 3G iPhone and there is no update after 4.2.1 and appstore require 4.3???

Install any app from applestore for 3g/3gs 4.1 or 4.2.1 ( GSM-DOCTOR )
Method No1 a little Tricky
1. Jailbreak you’r IPhone/iPod/iPad
2. with IFile —> System/Library/CoreServices —> SystemVersion.plist
3. wth pc —> itools —> jailbroken data — system/library/coreservice —> systemversion.plist
4. Change BUILD version and Product Version ( for example u have 4.1 build 8B117 change to 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 ( 5.0.1 — 9A405 or 5.1.1 — 9B206)
5. Restart your IPhone
6. istall from Appstore will work 100% tested . ( not work Navigation GPS etc ).

Other Easy Method

here is a Trick to bypass this issue

Open cydia

go to sources and add this source

now search for “firmware 4.3.4 fake” in cydia and install it

at home screen open “firmware icon

click on your desired version and click Reboot.

now have changed your version


this is just a trick to bypass update message in appstore means this is not the real version at all.

Credits goes to GSM-DOCTOR. Thanks Doc! 😉

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion has already surpassed all other Mac operating systems accounting for 32% of all web traffic in December, according to Net Applications.

Usage of Lion dropped from 30% in November to 28% for December. Notably, usage of Snow Leopard remains at 29% which is quite high. Snow Leopard was released over three years old on August 28, 2009.

Interestingly, the three most recent Mac operating systems have a very similar uptake pace as can be seen in the chart below…

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Samsung is expected to extend its smartphone lead over Apple in 2013 with an estimated 35% growth, according Strategy Analytics.

“We expect Samsung to slightly extend its lead over Apple this year because of its larger multitier product portfolio,” Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics told Reuters. However, it’s suggested that Apple could counter Samsung’s growth with the release of an ‘iPhone mini’ that targeted demand for lower-end smartphones.

Global smartphone shipments will jump 27 percent to 875 million shipments this year, slowing from last year’s torrid 41 percent pace as growth is easing in many key markets such as North America, China, the developed economies of Asia, and Western Europe, Mawston said. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics is forecast to sell 290 million smartphones this year, up from a projected 215 million in 2012, the research firm said. Apple’s smartphone sales are projected to reach 180 million this year, up 33 percent from last year, slightly trailing Samsung’s 35 percent increase.

These predictions would give Samsung 33% of the smartphone market in 2013 (up from 31%) and Apple 21% (up from 20%).

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Pod2g, the hacker behind recent untethered jailbreaks, says that work on a jailbreak of iOS 6 is still ongoing. He has recently been encouraging Twitter users to demand an open iOS from Apple leading to speculation that the Dev-Teams had given up.

I read some coms on the internet today saying that if I started #weWantAnOpenIOS it is because we can’t jailbreak iOS 6 and Apple won.

This is false in many ways. Firstly, the jailbreak is being developed in the underground, and is just not ready for a public release.

Secondly, it’s not the jailbreaker that talked with this message, as I am not involved in security research for some months now, working on

my application and other projects. If the only possible way to #weWantAnOpenIOS is the jailbreak, it’ll happen. It is not the end!

Or course, a jailbreak (although not one ready for public release) has already been demonstrated by chpwn. In addition, pod2g previously announced that he was not working on a jailbreak of iOS 6.

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